Wednesday 16 September 2015

Soy Bean Curd ( Tau Foo Fah ) 豆腐花

Soy Bean Curd ( Tau Foo Fah ) 豆腐花

Recipe source :  Adapted from Rasa Malaysia

"Tau foo fah" or soy bean curd is an all-time favourite in my family. We used to buy this sweet dessert from a hawker who goes around our housing estate in a tricycle. 

Made from soya bean, it is rich in protein. It is soft and silky smooth which is suitable for the old and the young as well. I like to eat this warm while the children like it cold. 

It is such a refreshing dessert to have on a hot day. 

Ingredients for Soy Bean Curd

500ml fresh soy milk
2 tsp gypsum powder (Available from Chinese medical shops, just tell them you want to buy 'sek koe fun' for making 'tau foo fah')
2 tsp cornflour
1/3 cup water

Note : You may refer to my post on how to make soy milk

Ginger Syrup

2-inch piece ginger - pounded
250g cane rock sugar
300ml water

Method to make ginger syrup

1.  Place cane rock sugar into a small pot. 
2.  Add in water and the pounded ginger.
3.  Boil until the mixture has thicken and look syrupy.   

 Ginger syrup

Method to make the bean curd

1.  In a bowl mix gypsum powder, corn flour and water until well combined. Ensure mixture is well blended.
2.  Bring fresh soy milk to a boil. Skim off the foam and bubbles.
3.. Turn off heat.
4.  Stir the gypsum mixture and pour it into a large pot with a fitting lid.
5.  Pour boiling soy milk into the gypsum mixture from a height of at least 1 foot from above. This is to ensure even distribution of the gypsum mixture. DO NOT STIR.
6. Cover the opening of the pot with a towel and place lid over it.
7.  Allow to set for at least 1 hour. 
8.  When it has set, remove the top layer which is foamy. 
9.  The layer below is firm and silky smooth bean curd.

Remove the topmost layer which is foamy. 
The layer beneath is firm and silky smooth tau foo fah

To serve

1.  Scoop a few spoonful of the bean curd into a bowl. 
2.  Add 1 to 2 tbsp ginger syrup, according to taste.

Mmmm...silky smooth soy bean curd

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