Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Soya Bean Caramel Pudding 豆奶焦糖布丁

Soya Bean Caramel Pudding 豆奶焦糖布丁

Recipe source :  Y3K magazine Issue 40, 1/2 - 2008

It took me some patience to slowly stir sugar over a slow fire to make the syrup but it was worth every bit of the effort. This sweet caramel pudding was superb! My presentation here may not look nice but let me assure you that the taste is fantastic! 

Chill them well and you really get yourself some sweet indulgence! 


100g soya beans, soaked overnight
800 ml water
 6 rectangular foil cups

Ingredients For Syrup

125g sugar
75 ml water

Ingredients For Pudding

100 ml fresh milk
130g castor sugar
6 eggs

I started off using these aluminium cups which I found to be too soft. It could not hold its own shape.
After steaming, the pudding were too soft and wobbly to handle. 
So we use spoons to eat the caramel pudding as they broke up when I inverted them onto plates. 

  This type of rectangular aluminium trays saved my day.
Measurement : 13.5cm X 9cm
These are much sturdier and can at least hold its own shape. 

 These rectangular trays have depth so the inverted caramel pudding look much more presentable by comparison. 


1.  Place the soaked soya beans and water into a blender to blend mixture. Use a muslin cloth to strain to extract 700ml of soya milk.
2.  Place sugar for syrup into a small pot and stir over low heat until sugar turns yellow. Add in water and simmer until thick syrup is formed. Spoon the syrup into the foil cups.
3.  Beat eggs lightly. 
4.  Boil fresh milk and sugar for the pudding together. Let is cool slightly, then add in the beaten eggs. Use a sieve to strain this mixture.
5.  Add the beaten egg mixture and the soya milk together. Pour this mixture into foil cups.
6.  Steam them over boiling water for 15 minutes. Uncover the lid a few times to release steam.
7.  Cool pudding. Refrigerate them once they have cooled down. 

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  1. Hi Doris,

    Agree with you that wobbly mould is not suitable to make jelly-like pudding :D

    Your pudding sounds yummy!


    1. Hi Zoe, It's great fun learning through experience and sharing it

  2. I don't mind to indulge in this healthy pudding:))

    1. Hi Lian, Thanks. We all love healthy desserts!

  3. Hi Doris, saw this recipe too and was instantly attracted to it. It's indeed very yummy and a refreshing dessert. Have a nice, Doris :)

    1. Hi Ivy, Great minds think alike! Thank you.

  4. Love caramel pudding and your soy version sounds great!

    1. Hi Mich, don't we love to indulge in sweets!

  5. Hi Doris, the pudding looks so wobbly, soft and delicious!

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