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The Technique Of Steaming Food

The Technique Of Steaming Food

Steaming is a common and popular way of food preparation among the Chinese. Unlike deep- frying or even stir-frying, steaming food requires little or no oil. It is a healthy way to cook  food.

By using an ordinary pot to double up as a steamer

An ordinary pot like this will suffice



Make sure the pot has a tight-fitting cover

You need a sturdy rack or a stand like this

Place the rack inside the pot and add water to the pot. The water level should ideally be slightly below the top of the rack. This is to ensure that when the water boils, the bubbling water does not get into the food you are steaming.

Place the food you wish to steam onto a plate. Then place the plate of food on the rack inside the pot.

Cover the pot with the lid. The whole pot is ready to be placed on the stove. You can start steaming the food.

By using a bamboo steamer

Firstly, place a wok on the stove

Add water to the wok

Place a bamboo steamer to rest on the wok.

Note: the perforated bamboo base allows the steam to go up to the rack above.

You can use more than one rack to stack up on top of each other as you often see in dim sum restaurants

The cover is to be placed on top of the whole stack of racks, while the water in the wok will generate steam to cook the food.

You use only one rack if you steam a small quantity of food

Cover the lid when you start steaming

The process is very simple. Once you understand the concept you can easily adjust and use utensils you have in hand to make do without having to buy an elaborate steamer.

Happy steaming !

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