Tuesday 21 October 2014

Double-boiled Pear Soup 川贝蜜枣炖雪梨

Double-boiled Pear Soup 川贝蜜枣炖雪梨

Recipe source :  Adapted from Nourishing & Fine Soups

I was having a bout of recurring mild fever and uneasiness on the chest and a slight cough. My first thought and fear was that I may have blocked arteries or some other heart ailment. Thank God, all was well after a medical check-up. 

My friends advised that I might be afflicted by the heat. Heeding their advice, I looked-up my cookbook on herbal soups and decided to double-boil a pear with candy dates and some Chinese herbs. 

My friend reminded me that I must use a brown-skinned pear.

The Chinese believe that pears are cooling and clears heat from the body. 

Well, the stewed pear tasted more like a dessert than herbal medication! 
In fact, it was very delicious. But, the bottom line was that my cough and the uneasiness on my chest felt much better! 

This concoction may be beneficial for the following ailments:

~ clears cough and flu
~ clears heatiness of lungs and heart
~ clears phlegm

Ingredients (serves one )

12g tendrilled fritillarial ( Chuan bei in Chinese )
1 brown-skinned pear
5g bitter almonds
5g sweet almonds 
1 candy date  ( or 2 dates, depending on preference for sweetness )
200ml water

 Brown-skinned pear

 Chuan bei, in powder form

 Bitter almonds mixed with sweet almonds

 Candy dates


1.  Remove the skin and core of pear. Cut into pieces.
2.  Place pear, Chinese herbs and candy dates into a porcelain container with cover.
3.  Double-boil for 4 hours. No cheating! It must be 4 hours. 


Sweet and tasty dessert which is good for clearing heat, cough and phlegm

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  1. Hi Doris,
    This reminds me of what my mum would prepare for me whenever I had a long-lasting bout of bad cough or flu. It is quite a effective herbal remedy and I like it becos it is quite nice and sweet, like a dessert. Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Hi Doris,
    Hope you have completely recovered by now!
    That is one delicious concoction! One that I would not mind having anytime!
    Thanks for linking with CYB!


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