Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pumpkin Mock Abacus Seeds 南瓜算盘子

Pumpkin Mock Abacus Seeds  南瓜算盘子

Recipe source :  Y3K Magazine - Catherine Chia's kitchen

These lovely "abacus seeds" look so pretty. They look like golden coins. This can be a meal on its own, very similar to a pasta or a noodle dish and it is truly filling. These pumpkin abacus seeds are imitations of yam abacus seeds which is a traditional dish of the Hakka community.   
This delicacy is not something easily available nor is it widely sold in restaurants, well, at least not around the vicinity where I stay.   

I like this pumpkin coins more than the yam version. On its own, the pumpkin coins are rather bland. Once you add in the other ingredients it becomes a great dish. The ingredients were well blended to complement each other. Every mouthful is bursting with the wonderfully combined flavours of fragrant and chewy cuttle fish, mixed with crunchy black fungus and bits of minced pork.

I am always very happy to share when I stumbled upon a great recipe.
This is one of the fabulous ones! 

Ingredients A

600g pumpkin
300g tapioca flour
1 tbsp cooking oil

Ingredients B

1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp minced shallot
1 tbsp dried shrimps ( soaked, drained and diced )              ( I used dried scallop )
100g minced chicken meat /pork
2 mushrooms ( soaked, drained and diced )
20g black fungus ( soaked and shredded )
50g dried cuttlefish shreds ( soaked )


2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp pepper


1 stalk Chinese parsley  )
1 stalk spring onion         )  all diced
1 fresh red chilli               )

Top left : diced mushrooms. Top right :  dried scallops
Bottom left :  shredded black fungus.Bottom right : Cuttlefish filaments

Minced pork


1.  Peel pumpkin, cut into pieces. Steam tilled cooked and soft, drain off excess water. Add in tapioca flour and oil. Knead into a dough. Do it while the pumpkin is still hot.
2.  Pinch about 5g to 10g of dough and shape into rounds and use a finger to make a dented impression into the centre. ( To make them look like abacus seeds )
3.  Boil the pumpkin seeds in hot water till they float to the surface. Remove them with a slotted spoon and transfer them to a basin of cold water briefly. Drain away the water. Set aside. 
4.  Heat a wok with 2 tbsp oil. Saute the chopped garlic and shallots. Add in the diced mushrooms, black fungus, minced pork, dried scallops and the cuttlefish filaments. Stir-fry to mix everything together.
5.  Add in the seasoning ingredients and the par-boiled pumpkin seeds.
6.  Mix well, dish up and garnish. 

 Pumpkin seeds which has been par-boiled and drained in a colander

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  1. Hi Doris,
    This is one of my favorite.
    I plan to cook this too this few days.
    Thanks for sharing to LTU!

  2. Hi Doris,

    Love the very auspicious colour of abacus seeds. You must be feeling very satisfied and "huat" after eating these :D


  3. I've heard so much about pumpkin abacus seeds but yet to try it. Yours look very delicious. And the colour is much more attractive than the yam abacus seeds, don't you agree?

    1. Yes, they taste better and had that spongy feel to it.

  4. Hi Doris, thanks for sharing this. I like abacus seeds. But i've never tried to make one myself. Tempted to try after seeing yours.

    1. They are really good. Do try to make them.

  5. Hi Doris, these abacus seeds look absolutely attractive by using pumpkin to prepare it. The colour was so bright and as Zoe said, sure 'huat' then.

    Thanks for your kind sharing to LTU.

  6. This is so good for a change from the yam version!! Love it and definitely will try out.

  7. Hi Mui Mui, i havent taken my lunch,am so hungry looking at your pumpkim abacus seeds!!!Many many likesssss :)

  8. Hi Doris,
    I have made yam abacus (still in my drafted post! LOL!), but have never tried pumpkin ones before! I know that I will love it! I like eating pumpkin and this looks delicious!
    Thanks for linking with CYB!

  9. Hi Doris,

    Can I keep this dish overnight? Just in case I have leftover.

    Thank you.

    1. I supposed you can keep this overnight. Use cling film to wrap the bowl of leftover before keeping in the refrigerator.

  10. Hi Doris,
    I cooked this dish the other day. It is really yum!~
    I blog about it today.
    Thanks for sharing!

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