Sunday, 22 July 2012

A trip to a seafood restaurant in Batu Laut

A trip to a seafood restaurant in Batu Laut

Last Sunday my husband, SK and I sent our children to the LCCT.  Our daughter was returning to work in Singapore after a very short break home while our son was flying off  to start his new career in Macau. After seeing them off at the LCCT, we decided to detour to the coastal village of Batu Laut for a breath of fresh air and to re-visit one of our favourite eating haunts. It has been some time since we last visited the place. The drive was smooth, we passed by many small towns like Sungai Manggis, Banting, Morib Beach, and more notably The Morib Gold Coast Resort.

We arrived at the Restoran Asam Batu Laut  at about 5-00 p.m. It  was too early for the dinner crowd,  yet a couple of tables in the in-door restaurant were already occupied by patrons digging into the crabs, prawns and an assortment of seafood. Both SK and I were not hungry but since we have  come all this way, we ordered some light dishes just to sample the food and of course we took pictures of the surrounding places. The setting was peaceful and idyllic with the sun setting .  I wondered how the place will look  like when night falls and diners having their supper under the starry night sky with the gently blowing of the sea breeze......

The restaurant.....

The open-air section with seatings facing the sea is popular after the sun has set 

 The jetty near  the restaurant.......

where fishermen set out to sea

View of the sea merging with the skyline.....

The sea can be seen from where we sat

 Now,  let's take a look at the food we ordered.................

Teppan Or Luak/oyster on a hot plate
Stir-Fried Choy Tam

Bouncy Fish Ball Soup

Something refreshing and light.

The taste is above average and of course, it's very fresh. The price is definitely cheaper than KL standards. And despite not being very hungry, we gorged everything down!

It's worth a drive there if you have a free weekend with nothing to do and craving for some fresh and delicious seafood.

A word of caution though, the road after Banting leading to the restaurant can be very dangerous. Many stretches are flat and straight with many drivers tempted to let their guard down and speed with disastrous consequences. Be careful and take your time, after all it's a leisure drive into the country side. Take special care to look out for animals crossing the road. Enjoy yourselves!

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