Thursday, 26 July 2012

Double-Boiled Mushroom & Scallop Soup 香菇干贝炖老鸡

Double-Boiled Mushroom & Scallop Soup 香菇干贝炖老鸡

The lovely soup after double boiling for 3 hours

The Chinese believe that double-boiled soups with chicken and Chinese herbs are exceptionally nutritious and good for health.


The ingredients :

The dry ingredients :

Top left - Red dates :  Use seedless red dates

Top Center - American ginseng / Pau Sum

Top right - Wolberries

Bottom - Dried scallops

 Mushrooms :

1.  Soak the dried mushrooms until soft

2.  Remove the stems

3.  Rinse under the  running tap and squeeze out the water

Old Chicken :

 1. Use 3/4 of an old chicken

2. Cut into chunks as shown

3..Remove skin and fat

4. Clean and wash

5. Drain off excess water



3/4 old chicken
50g dried mushrooms
15g red dates
1 tbsp wolfberries
40g scallops
5 slices American Ginseng / pau sum
2 tsp salt, or to taste

The Ceramic Pot for double-boiling

The empty pot

The inner cover of the ceramic pot

This is how you cover the ceramic pot
The outer cover of the ceramic pot

This  is the complete set-up of the ceramic pot

A step-by-step instruction on how to place the ingredients together 


Rinse the scallops with water and place it together with other ingredients at the bottom

Add in the chicken pieces and top up with 1 litre of water. This ceramic pot can contain about 1.2 litres of water. Do not fill it to the brim

Place  both lids accordingly. Place the ceramic pot into a larger aluminium pot and fill the aluminium pot with water as shown. Remember to top up the water in the aluminium pot as the water will evaporate during the course of the cooking

Cover the aluminium pot and start cooking for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

The sumptuous end result

 Steaming hot, nutritious goodness !


  1. Hi
    For water used in doublr boil soup is it tapwater or water thats been boiled before

    1. I used filtered tap water direct from the tap because according to traditional Chinese medical practices using cold water from the tap to double boil will bring out the natural nutrients from the Chinese herbs. No doubt using hot water will speed up the cooking but nutrient-wise it won't be so good.


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