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Tourist Attractions In Foshan, Guangdong, China

Tourist  Attractions in Foshan, Guangdong, China

We made a trip to Foshan in August 2010. However, I only get to record my travels as I have just started blogging about one week ago. SK, my youngest son and I, the three of us travelled to Foshan on our own instead of joining a guided tour. We flew via AirAsia to Guangzhou. From the Baiyun International Airport, we took a cab to Foshan. We had made prior arrangement for accommodation at the Dancing Ray Hotel in Foshan, which is only about 15 to 20 minutes away from Guangzhou

Foshan Ancestral Temple


This is the entrance to the Foshan Ancestral Temple. The Ancestral Temple is easily accessible by bus. We asked for directions from the local Chinese, then took a bus to get there.

We love travelling on our own instead of  joining a guided tour arranged by a travel agency because on our own  we can really get to see the everyday activities of the locals and feel the atmosphere of the place without having to put up with the tight schedule of a travel agency. This way, we get to mingle with the locals and get a feel of their lifestyles, savour their street foods, select a restaurant of our choice anytime when we are hungry and we can browse through the shops and the market place for a bargain  and haggle over prices. 

The famous "Wong Fei-Hung" Memorial Hall is situated inside this Ancestral Temple.

Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain exudes a feeling of calm and peace compared with the hustle and bustle of  Foshan city.  It is an idyllic place with scenic views.

We went up the Xiqiao Mountain by cable car. When we reached the top, the locals who acted as guides were already waiting to offer their services These guides use motorbikes to provide transport for tourists. The motorbike is the only mode of transport available up in the mountain.  It was essential to accept their services as Xiqiao Mountain covers a substantial area with about 9 or 10 tourist spots which is impossible for us to cover the whole area on foot within the same day. Since there were 3 of us, the guides suggested that we hire 2 motorbikes. So, SK rode  pillion on one motorbike while my youngest son and I shared another, with my son sandwiched between the rider and me at the rear end. That's how the 3 of us toured Xiqiao Mountain for the whole of that day. It was exhilarating riding with the wind  blowing in our faces. The guide was well informed and pointed out the interesting features of each spot with accompanying stories or legends.

The "Caves of the Swallows". The locals believed Xiqiao Mountain to be a dormant volcano

A peacock inside the mini zoo. It looked tired and was not in a mood to strut around parading its beautiful plumage to us.

A tired looking bear in the mini zoo. It must be the exceptionally hot weather which caused such lethargy.....and yes we went in August which was during summer.

A fat and succulent bamboo shoot among the vegetation up on Xiqiao Mountain. My mind has been wondering on all the possibilities of gourmet delights that this bamboo shoot can be turned into.......

For those who do not know what to do with a bamboo shoot click here

Another cute cluster of bamboo shoots......and more fantasies on the possible gourmet delights these bamboo shoots could be turned into.......

Front view of the Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin) sitting atop a plinth. The main temple is below the statue.

A side view of the statue of the Goddess of Mercy over-looking the valley below.

The Goddess of Mercy over-looking the valley below. The view is spectacular.

The Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

See the red drawings of the two "protectors" on both sides of the doors of the back entrance /exit of The Nanfeng Ancient Kiln. They are the Door Gods.

See the creative artworks on this wall?

Earthen pots and bric-bracs on display

There are some gifts & souvenir shops among these brick buildings

A lovely pair of gigantic ceramic mammary glands on display inside the Ancient Kiln

Eat your heart out, Dolly Parton.


  1. I am interested to go to their zoo. I wonder what kind of animals are there.
    study in china

  2. Hi Arnold,

    The mini zoo forms only a small part of the attractions on Xiqioa Mountain 西樵山. That was 2 years ago and I do not know whether it has expanded since. Should you decide to make a trip to Xiqioa Mountain it is advisable to hire a guide on a motorcycle to take you around as that will save time because Xiqioa Mountain covers a large area.

  3. Hey! I'm thinking of taking a short trip to Foshan while I'm at Guangzhou. How many days do you recommend for Foshan? And how much did the guide cost you?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Jolyn,

      We spent 5 days in Foshan visiting all the places that we mentioned above.We had a guide to take us around Xiqiao mountain only because it is very big up there and we were on our own the rest of the time. The guide costs us RMB150-00 that was back in 2010. If you are there for the food you can read up our posts viz. "Sumptuous dim sum fit for a king and dinner at Foshan". May you enjoy yourself in Foshan.

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