Friday, 17 May 2013

A new find at Taman Bidara, Selayang, K.L. 刚发现的美食档口

 A new find at Taman Bidara, Selayang, K.L. 刚发现的美食档口

This new find was made lately at the place where we usually ate ‘char kuay teow’. Well, all this while we were too busy gorging on ‘char kuay teow’ to notice this unassuming little stall until one fine day the ‘char kuay teow’ man was so busy with his orders and the waiting period was so long that one of the family members decided to eat something else because she didn't want to wait too long for her ‘char kuay teow.’ When her order came, as usual, when someone in the family ordered something new, everyone in the family would not hesitate to sample the new food when it was served. And wow, was it good. Below were some of the stuff we ordered today when everyone switched from our usual 'char kuay teow' to 'koong poh loh see fun', (宫保老鼠粉)'wat tan hor' (滑蛋果条)and hokkien noodle. (福建炒面)




The coffee shop at Jalan Bidara 1, Taman Bidara, Selayang, Kuala Lumpur.

The unassuming little stall. All this while I thought the seller operated only at night.

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