Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bird's Nest Soup With American Ginseng, Lotus Seeds & Lily Bulbs 燕窝炖花旗参

Bird's Nest Soup With American Ginseng, Lotus Seeds & Lily Bulbs 燕窝炖花旗参

Bird's nest  is a delicacy which is highly priced. It helps to strengthen the lungs and regenerate skin cells. It is believed to be good for the complexion. When stewed or double-boiled with other Chinese herbs, bird's nest make a very delicious and nutritious herbal brew or tonic.


3 pieces bird's nest
12 slices American ginseng
6 red dates, seeded
60g cane rock sugar
9 pieces lotus seeds
9 pieces lily bulbs
480ml water


1.  Remove dirt from bird's nest and soak until soft. Rinse and place bird's nest into 3 porcelain jars or containers with lids.
2.  Place lotus seeds into a bowl and pour boiling water to soak the lotus seeds for a while. Remove the core. 
3.  Divide all the ingredients into 3 portions.
4.  Put in the American ginseng, red dates, lotus seeds, lily bulbs, cane rock sugar and water into the 3 jars.
5.  Cover the lids and  double boil for 3 hours.

 The bird's nest  before soaking

 The softened bird's nest 

 American ginseng

Lily bulbs  

 Red dates

 Lotus seeds

Cane rock sugar

Nourishing herbal brew

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