Sunday 30 June 2013

Wolfberry Tea 杞子茶

Wolfberry Tea 杞子茶

Of late I have not been blogging actively because I went for surgery to remove cataracts. I have been advised to take a break and rest my eyes. Well-meaning friends who have had their cataracts removed before me strongly advocated that I drink wolfberry tea. Thus, I googled to find out more about wolfberries. 

Wolfberries or "kei-chi" in Cantonese is said to contain iron, calcium and phosphorus. It is believed that these little fruits lower blood sugar and improve eyesight. My friend taught me to wash the wolfberries in warm water, then just add boiling water to it. The fruits can be eaten as well. 

I have been drinking this for more than two months and my eyes are healing well. I strongly believe that this wolfberry tea hasten the healing process and strengthen my aging eyes.

Here's how it is done :

Ingredients :

1 tsp wolfberries
250 ml boiling water


1.  Wash the wolfberries in warm water and place them into a cup 
2.  Add boiling water.
3.  Let it steep and allow  to cool down slightly.
4.  Preferable to drink it warm


  1. oh, glad to hear that your eyes are recovering fast! thanks for sharing this wolfberry tea, i never knew that it can be drink as a tea! i recently bought some organic ones..( hope it's really organic) and just eat them like that ! Have a good week ahead!

  2. Hi Doris,
    Nice to hear that your eyes are recovering. Warm Wolfberry tea sounds so comforting to have, I usually had them boiled with some red dates.
    Take care!

  3. Thank you for your concern girls.

  4. do u eat the berries?


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