Thursday, 25 July 2013

GL's Cooking : Barley & Gingko Dessert 腐竹白果薏米糖水

GL's Cooking :  Barley & Gingko Dessert  腐竹白果薏米糖水

This dessert is very popular and is easily available at food courts. Most  of the hawkers which I patronise do not always include gingko nuts, which is a disappointment to me as I love them. 

I came across an article some time ago that described this sweet dessert of bean curd sheets, barley and gingko as an energy booster and it also rejuvenates the human body. This claim, which I think may be true, considering the fact that soya milk and bean curd sheets contain protein, while ginkgo nuts contain protein, starch and minerals. Barley is rich in minerals as well. One thing is for sure, the Chinese believe this dessert cools down body heat and is good for the complexion, good especially for pregnant mums in an advanced stage of pregnancy! A note of caution though,  this dessert may be too "cooling" for mums in the early stages of pregnancy.  

GL added hard-boiled quail eggs to this sweet and delightful dessert.  It looks so good, it makes me want to prepare it right away!


1/2 cup barley pearls
600 ml unsweetened soya milk
600 ml water
10 gingko nuts, remove shells and membranes
5 quail eggs, hard boil the eggs and remove the shells
1 sheet bean curd skin, soak to soften and tear into small pieces
3 pieces rock sugar, or to taste


1.  Wash barley pearls and boil together with water, gingko nuts and soya milk until the barley pearls have expanded and become slightly "fluffy".
2.  Add bean curd skin, quail eggs and rock sugar and continue to boil for a further 15 minutes.
3.  Ready to serve.

Sweet  temptation !


  1. This is one of my hubby's favourite!

  2. Oh, my favourite tong shui. Must have the ginkgo nuts.

  3. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com25 July 2013 at 21:05

    Doris, it has been quite sometimes I haven't cook this. Yours remind me to cook this again! Have a great weekend with your family, Doris :)

  4. This dessert is an all time favourite in my family too!


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