Tuesday 3 September 2013

Nasi Pandan (Screw-pine Rice)

Nasi Pandan (Screw-pine Rice)

Recipe source :  Adapted from Woman's Weekly

I stumbled upon this recipe while waiting for my turn at the hairdresser's. I jotted down the recipe on a tiny piece of credit card receipt, which was the only piece of paper I had at that moment.  I am glad I did that. This rice dish turned out great! It is infused with the rich aroma  from  the pandan leaves as well as the coconut milk. Both ingredients complimented each other. 

I adapted the recipe as the original portion is too much for my family. Furthermore, I put all the ingredients into a rice cooker instead of steaming it  in a baking tray over hot boiling water. 

I cooked pork curry to go with this fragrant rice. We had  a very satisfying dinner.  


8 pandan leaves (screw-pine leaves)
1/3 tsp salt                    ( original recipe used 1/2 tsp )
200ml water                 ( original recipe used 250ml )
100ml santan (coconut milk)
150ml water
2 drops pandan green colouring     ( I did not use this )
250g rice                      ( original recipe used 340g )


1.  Wash rice and set aside to drain.
2.  Blend together the pandan leaves, salt and 200ml water. Sieve to extract juice.
3.  Put washed rice, pandan juice, santan and water into a rice cooker.
4.  Switch on the rice cooker and let it cook until done.

Instructions for the original recipe :

1.  Line a baking tray with banana leaves and put all ingredients into the tray. 
2.  Steam for 30 minutes.

Pandan rice with pork curry at the back
I will post the pork curry later in a separate post

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The ingredient for September is "pandan"

Pandan, host by Butter. Flour & Me
Pandan, host by Butter. Flour & Me


  1. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com3 September 2013 at 07:58

    Doris, this sounds very yummy. Am sure taste like nasi lemak but with extra aroma of the pandan leaves?

    1. Hi Ivy, Yes, this taste like nasi lemak but more fragrant.

  2. So nice! Must be very good taste with the pandan aroma. Hi~ Hi~ like it
    I also cooked Nasi Lemak Pandan this morning. I ate with curry kerang. :)

    1. Hi Joceline, I like kerang, cook any way.

  3. Hi Doris,
    I can just imagine the fragrance from the pandan leaves! Wow, so nice!
    Perfect with your delicious looking curry!

  4. Hi Doris,

    Your Nasi pandan sounds extra extra fragrant... even the name and description can make me drool :p


    1. Hi Joyce, Zoe,
      I think pandan leaves are nature's gift to us! So fragrant

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