Wednesday 4 September 2013

X Files : Last Day of the Chinese 7th Month a.k.a.Ghost Month

X Files :  Last Day of the Chinese 7th Month a.k.a.Ghost Month

Date :  4th September 2013
Lunar Calendar :  Last day of the Chinese seventh month.
Time of incident : 7-00A.M. (the sky was slightly dark as a result of the rainy season)

Dear readers,

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe in supernatural occurrences which defy explanation ?
If you do, then keep on reading. 

It happened this morning, on the last day of the Chinese seventh month. The Chinese believe the seventh month is the ghost month.  

YS was walking to his class after his father dropped him off near the school gate. As he was approaching his class he saw Ah Hor and KPL walking side by side in front of him. Before YS could call out to them, YS's other friends came up from behind and they headed to the toilet together. 

YS is in Class 3G whereas Ah Hor and KPL are in Class 3E. During the recess, while YS was busy digging into his food at the canteen, Ah Hor came and tapped him on his shoulder. YS turned to look back and saw it was Ah Hor. Then YS asked Ah Hor where KPL was. Ah Hor replied that KPL was absent from school today!

YS was shocked and he turned pale. Then he asked Ah Hor whether he walked on the left side while going up to his class and Ah Hor confirmed that was the case and he was alone this morning and there was no one beside him.

Before YS could explain further, another friend, KJ chipped in saying that he saw KPL pacing up and down the foyer this morning.  However, another friend, Tommy confirmed that KPL was absent because both he and KPL came in the same school bus and that KPL was not in the school bus this morning. 

After YS came home, he called KPL who confirmed that he did not attend school this morning.

So who is this "KPL"  who seemed to be visible to just YS and KJ only?
Is "KPL" the doppelganger, getting a last kick out of scaring some unfortunate humans before heading home as the gates of Hades close at midnight, tonight ?


  1. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com4 September 2013 at 05:48

    Doris, really hard to believe leh... You know,while reading, I was expecting to see the line... "Kxx left us...." (sorry, no bad intention, ok, as most readers would have imagine the same thing)but, imagine he is still there. Anyway, thanks for sharing, Doris.

    1. Hi Ivy, Actually YS was very fearful and was thinking the same too! That's why he called his friend immediately upon reaching home.

  2. you know doris, there have been a few times my neighbour's dogs have been crying at night last couple of weeks..kind of scary actually .


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