Saturday 5 April 2014

The Flavours-Miele All Steamed Up Contest

The Flavours-Miele All Steamed Up Contest

Whoohoo! Oh Wow! I have won the grand prize of a German-made steam oven! I am so happy! I am ecstatic!

The grand prize is the Miele DG1450 Vitasteam oven worth RM6,090 and a workshop for 8 persons with a notable chef at the Miele Gallery. The theme for the workshop is of course steam cooking.

Win this fantastic Miele DG1450 Vitasteam oven.

Photo taken from here to show the steam oven


Photo taken from here to show the steam oven

The event was a contest on steamed food organized by Flavours Magazine, in partnership with Miele Sdn Bhd.  The contest was open to the public. All can participate by preparing a dish of steamed food and sending a photo of the food you have prepared together with the recipe to Flavours Magazine. Miele Malaysia Sdn Bhd sponsored the grand prize which is the Vitasteam oven. 

The winners were announced in the October 2013 issue of The Flavours magazine. 

The prize presentation was held on the 22nd of February 2014 at The Miele Gallery in Menara Sapura Kencana at Petroleum Solaris, Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. The steam cooking workshop for 8 persons was conducted by Malaysia's notable Chef Amy Beh.

The grand prize being presented by chef Amy Beh and Alam Tham who is Miele Sdn Bhd's Assistant Marketing Communications Manager

My seven buddies and I had a wonderful time attending the cooking workshop with chef Amy Beh. It was fun and we got to sample and enjoyed the scrumptious food prepared and cooked by the celebrity chef, Amy Beh! 

The theme for the day was of course about steaming food! Chef Amy Beh and Alam Tham selected three dishes for the workshop. They were steamed chicken rice, an assortment of steamed vegetables, cawan mushi (Japanese steamed egg) and steamed chocolate lava cake. 

The steamed food were perfect! So delicious! You can taste the natural sweetness of the steamed vegetables. No sauce or condiment is required. And the vegetables still retained their vibrant colours and crunchiness! The chicken rice was very fragrant. Normally,  steamed chicken white meat can be tough. However, the plump chicken which was steamed using this Vitasteam oven was succulent. It was unlike those steamed by using a wok. The cawan mushi in the cups were steamed to perfection, silky smooth and very tasty.

The creme of the day was of course the dessert! The steamed chocolate lava cake was the favourite item that day. It was served with ice-cream! As we cut into the cake, the molten chocolate lava oozed out, mingling with the vanilla ice-cream.  It was a real treat! Truly sweet decadence for all of us!

 The cawan mushi just out from the steam oven.

 Silky smooth cawan mushi.

 The chocolate lava cake.

 Crunchy and sweet bok choy.

 The steamed chicken rice with the succulent and juicy chicken.

 My buddies with chef Amy Beh and Alan Tham

 Rapt attention!
chef Amy Beh busy demonstrating her cooking skills.

Chef Amy Beh sharing cooking tips with us. 
My buddy busy taking notes

We had a great time at the workshop. It was fun. Chef Amy Beh shared many tips as she demonstrated and explained the cooking processes step-by-step. Alan, being the marketing manager, he is,  won't miss the chance to sell the good points of the steam oven!

I will share with you the recipes which I had learnt during the workshop as well as my steamed cabbage rolls which won me the grand prize!  

Thank you, The Flavours magazine and Miele Sdn Bhd !!



  1. wow! Congratulations!! this is really good news to read early in the morning..i would love to own this oven too if only the price is RM609 instead of RM6090 :D

    1. Hi Lena,

      If the price of the steam oven is at RM609-00 I would have bought it instead of cracking my head trying to conjure up different recipes to try to win the prize, which of course, I eventually did :D

  2. Congrats! Looks like a wonderful day out for you all too.

    1. Yeah, We really had a good time on that day.

  3. Congratulations for winning one of the best steam ovens which not only have many features /modes but it is also very comfortable and easy. Thanks for sharing this information on your blog and letting people know about good ovens.

    Posted by | AEG Ovens UK

    1. Thanks Donald,

      It is nice of you to drop by and visit my blog.


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