Wednesday 1 August 2012

Sumptuous Dim Sum Fit For A King in Foshan, Guangdong, China 佛山的点心

Sumptuous Dim Sum Fit For A King in Foshan, Guangdong, China 佛山的点心

My husband SK, my youngest son and I travelled to Foshan in Southern China in August 2010. However, due to family and work commitment, I only get to record my travels two years after the journey. Well, as the saying goes, it's better late than never.  I take this opportunity to record and share the great breakfast that we had during our travels and to reminiscent over the sumptuous dim sum we had at the restaurant in Dancing Ray Hotel where we stayed when we were in Foshan.

The restaurant opens at 7-00 a.m. Yet, before the restaurant opened its main doors officially to the staying guests of the hotel, the local regulars from Foshan were already seated and have booked  almost every available table inside the restaurant. I guessed they must have gone in via the back door of the restaurant.

In Foshan, there is a notable difference in the way dim sum is served. Back here in Kuala Lumpur, the patrons are usually served dim sum by selecting their choices from the service staff pushing the push-carts or by waitresses who bring the dim sum to the table. Over there in Foshan and most of the dim sum outlets in Guangzhou, the patrons were given a card per table which the patrons bring along to select the sumptuous dim sum spread. The attendant of each specialty stall or outlet will record what's taken from each stall into the card.  At the end of the meal, the cashier will total up the cost from the records as shown in the card.

The choices of dim sum were extensive and every one of them is mouth-watering. We had a tough time choosing since everything looked nice and we definitely cannot sample everything available there.

Chinese tea was flowing freely. You make your own tea and each table is equipped with heating devices and the accompanying tea-making paraphernalia. You get to choose  the tea leaves of  your choice and we were given 3 to 4 packets of tea leaves at one go. Why ? Well, because the patrons are expected to enjoy  their dim sum breakfast leisurely and downing cups and cups of great Chinese tea !

I have no idea what the names of each selection is but I can assure you that each and every morsel is unbelievably scrumptious.

Come and share the visual journey of lip-smacking dim sum with me.....

1. Crystal-skin dumplings 2. Sweet & sour pork ribs 3. Braised ox tripes   4. Char siew pau

Oops!  my son's chopsticks is faster than the camera !. The remaining prawn dumplings and steamed pork ribs

1. Sweet & Sour pork ribs   2. Siew Mai   3. Meatballs   4. Stewed chicken feet
These meatballs are very large, twice the size of the usual fare we have in KL

1. More stewed pork   2. Baked tarts   3.  Another variety of dumpling

The same baked tart captured in a close-up shot

Chee Cheong Fun which is silky smooth with char siew fillings

Radish cake and stewed chicken feet again upon my little emperor's request for second helpings

1. Some sweet cakes   2.  More dumplings
3. The lau sar pau (the yellow buns) taste out of this world !. So much so that my little emperor requested for extras to be packed for takeaways

The dim sum was exceptionally good. I have yet to savour any other dim sum in Kuala Lumpur that comes close to the standard at  Foshan's Dancing Ray Hotel. These  pictures made me nostalgic as I  crave for more of  these dim sum. 

I would definitely go back for more !

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