Friday, 5 April 2013

Macau - Street Scenes

Macau - Street Scenes

( 17th February 2013 )

The road leading to the St. Paul's Ruins

View from the other end of the same road

The cultural centre before the Saint Paul's Ruins

The road along the cultural centre

We had breakfast on a side lane leading to the St. Paul's Ruins. This is a bowl of 'tank chai chook' (porridge with pork slices and seafood)

The Cantonese call this 'yau char kwai'

This is a big Mac with a twist, with pork patty that is, something that is not available in Malaysia.

This is the famous Macau 'chee par pau' (pork chop bun)

We came across a cultural group doing some Portuguese dance at this pavilion

The dance is worth watching

Reminds me of the Portuguese of Malacca who perform the same kind of dance

A famous food street

The name of the food street

The famous jelly shop along the food street

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