Monday, 1 April 2013

Macau - Lunch & Dinner 在澳门享用的午餐和晚餐

Macau - Lunch & Dinner 在澳门享用的午餐和晚餐

( 16th February 2013 )

Stir-fried seng kua ( a type of never-seen-before gourd ) with chillies

Can't remember what type of soup this is

Deep-fried chicken pieces

Stir-fried lettuce with oyster sauce

Roast duck

Deep-fried shrimps

Scrambled eggs

Stir-fried long beans with hot sauce

We had lunch at the Metropole Hotel, currently undergoing renovation.

We broke away from the tour group in the evening as we had extended our stay in Macau to meet our son, YY.  We were on our own time. Our first stop was dinner. We tried out a Macanese restaurant. The food was very good but very expensive compared to Kuala Lumpur.

Broccoli, shitake and button mushrooms stir-fried in butter with rosemary.
Exceptionally good !

Braised fish head in meat and mixed vegetables. Super yummy !

Portuguese Baked Chicken. Very tasty but I still prefer our local Malaysian curry

Spicy pork chop. It has all the flavours - hot, spicy, sweet, sour - all blended together into a very  delicious pork chop

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