Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dried Fig Soup With Pork Bones 无花果猪骨汤

Dried Fig Soup With Pork Bones 无花果猪骨汤

The figs were sweet and tasty

Recipe source :  Adapted from Nourishing Recipes of 100 Chinese Herbs

Accordingly to the Nourishing Recipes of 100 Chinese Herbs, dried figs contain anti-cancer substances which can prevent cancer, especially lung, intestinal and stomach cancer. Besides containing anti-cancer substances they are rich in vitamins and protein. They are believed to be good for removing black spots and eliminating bad breadth.


115g dried figs
400g pork bones
2 small pieces tangerine peel
10 cups water
salt to taste

Dried figs

Dried tangerine peel


1.  Wash the pork bones
2.  Wash the dried figs and tangerine peel.
3.  Bring 10 cups of water to the boil.
4.  Put all ingredients into the boiling water.
5.  Cook over medium heat for 1 1/2 hours
6.  Season with salt and serve.

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