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Mutton & Egg Pie 羊肉馅饼

Mutton & Egg Pie 羊肉馅饼

Recipe source :  Easy Baking by Farmcows Butter 

My son YS, kept reminding me to make this mutton and egg pie every time he opens this booklet. He loves mutton and lamb. I have been procrastinating. Well, pastry-making isn't my forte. Nevertheless, due to his insistence, I finally ventured to try out this recipe. 

The pie was tasty but it was not picture-perfect !

Anyway, this pie was baked upon YS's insistence and he happily chomped down the pie with relish. That gesture is an indication that he liked the pie, which is a big comfort to me since I was not very happy with the outcome of how the pie looked!

Ingredients For Short Crust Pastry

125g butter
60g castor sugar
1 egg
250g plain flour


1.  Cream butter and sugar until light.
2.  Add in egg and flour to form dough.
3.  Roll-out two-thirds of the pastry dough to line a loaf pan. 
4.  Keep the remainder one-third of the dough to make a lid for the pie.

Ingredients For Filling

500g mutton, chopped
1 potato, boiled and mashed
1 onion, chopped
1/2 cup button mushrooms
3 hard-boiled eggs
20g chopped parsley
2 bay leaves
1 tsp all spice powder
3/4 tsp salt, or to taste
1/2 tsp black pepper

All the ingredients used for the filling. In the centre is the chopped mutton. 
Clockwise from the top :  chopped parsley, chopped onions, sliced button mushrooms, mashed potato, hard-boiled eggs with shells removed.


1.  Mix together all the filling ingredients, season with salt and black pepper.
2.  Place about half of the filling into the loaf pan which has been lined with short crust pastry.
3.  Arrange the hard-boiled eggs in the the filling and top up the loaf pan with the remaining filling.
4.  Roll out the remainder pastry dough to make a lid and place the lid over the loaf pan. 
5.  Dampen the pastry edges and pinch the joints together to seal the edges.
6.  make small holes to allow steam to escape during baking.
7.  Brush the pie with beaten egg.
8.  Bake for 30 minutes at 200 degree C. 
9.  Then reduce to 180 degree C and place a piece of aluminium foil over the loaf pan and continue to bake for a further 45 minutes.
10.  Leave the pie to cool in the pan for 1 hour before turning it out and leave to cool completely before cutting. 

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  1. Hi Doris,
    I think your pie looks wonderful! I can see why your son happily chomp it down! It looks good!

  2. Hi Doris! I've always loved egg in pies, this pie looks delicious!

  3. Hi Doris,

    I think that your pie looks great! You are too critical about it looking good.


  4. Hi Joyce, Jaslin & Zoe,
    Thank you ladies, thank you for the encouragement.

  5. Hi Doris, thanks again for linking this to LTU. Kids nowadays are really smart, they will tell you exactly what they want and persist until you make it. My kids are the same... if they wan cake, they will ask til they get cake. LOL!

  6. Hi Doris. Just want to let you know that I baked this pie last night for my kids' school lunch box. I may have accidentally used minced beef instead of lamb as they were frozen in the freezer and a bit hard to tell the difference. It was not difficult to put together but it was delicious. I only lightly greased my loaf pan and had a hard time getting it out of the pan. I will lined the pan in the future. My minced lamb is still in the freezer so I may as well bake this again with the intended lamb. Thanks for sharing. - natasha

    1. Hi Natasha, Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm so glad that you find it delicious.


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