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Caramelized Sugar Cheese Jelly 焦糖芝士燕菜

Caramelized Sugar Cheese Jelly 焦糖芝士燕菜

Recipe source :  Y3K, issue No. 57  11/12 - 2010

My family loves jelly dessert. All the more delightful when it is well chilled before serving them after dinner.

The original recipe instructed to use 8 medium-sized jelly cups. I prefer smaller servings so I opted to use plastic jelly moulds which are often used to make konyakku jellies.

These cheese jellies look cute and are just the right size for small bites.

Ingredients A ( makes 22 pieces )

80g castor sugar
475ml water
1 tbsp agar-agar powder

Ingredients B

100g cream cheese
150ml fresh milk
80g Castor sugar
1 tbsp agar-agar powder

Ingredients C

300ml fresh milk
25g custard powder


Jelly moulds


1.  Caramel sugar of ingredients A over low heat. Do not stir but let it come to a light golden. Add in water and agar-agar powder. Let it come to a boil. Pour into moulds half full. Let it set slightly.
2.  Bring ingredients B to a quick boil. Add ingredients C. Once it comes to the next boil, turn off the heat.
3.  Pour the cream cheese mixture into the half-filled moulds of the caramelised sugar jelly.
4.  Let it set before transferring to the refrigerator for chilling.

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  1. Looks nice and refreshing for after-dinner dessert.

  2. Hi Doris,

    I have not add cream cheese before in jelly... This recipe sounds extremely interesting!


  3. Hi Doris,
    These looks delightful! Have not tried using cream cheese in jelly before. Interesting! And looks mighty good!

  4. hi Doris, this is so refreshing and so delicious! thks for linking this up at LTU cheese :)

  5. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for the positive feedback.


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