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Hong Kong Boat Congee 香港艇仔粥

Hong Kong Boat Congee 香港艇仔粥

Recipe source :  Doris Choo of Sumptuous Flavours

Boat congee is very popular in Hong Kong and Macau. The congee is very smooth and delicious. The variations of ingredients used in the making of boat congee are extensive. Each shop may not be using exactly the same ingredients from another. But basically, an assortment of seafood, pork and peanuts are used in the making of the boat congee, although some omit the use of peanuts.

My attempt to search for Hong Kong boat congee online has not been very successful, or rather I should say it wasn't what I was looking for.  Somehow, the photos and the ingredients mentioned were not similar to what I had eaten in Hong Kong and Macau.

Anyway, I came up with my own version i.e. if my recollection is correct! Of course, it does not measure up to the professional standard of those served in Hong Kong restaurants, but if I may say so, my boat congee tasted pretty good!  


150g rice,
150g shrimps, remove shell and keep the tails intact
10g dried pig skin, soak and boil to remove odour,  then rinse thoroughly before cutting into thin strips
30g dried cuttle fish, soak in water until soft and cut into thin strips
30g dried scallops
1800 litres water
1 tbsp ginger oil
1 stalk spring onion, chopped
1 tsp salt

 Preparation for rice :

1.  Wash the rice the night before and soak with enough water to just cover the rice.
2.  Put the rice into a container and freeze the contents overnight. 

Note : It is believed that the cooking time to boil the porridge would be cut down and the texture of the porridge would be smoother.

Frozen rice

 Dried scallops

 Strips of pig skin


Strips of soaked cuttle fish


1.  Place the frozen rice and ice together with the dried scallops, cuttle fish, and pig skin into a large pot.
2.  Add in water and boil. Once it comes to a boil reduce to medium flame and continue to simmer for 45 minutes. Stir the contents occasionally to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pot.
3.  When the rice grains have broken and the consistency is smooth and gluey, add shrimps and stir well for 2 to 3 minutes. 
4.  Add salt and switch off the flame.
5.  Add ginger oil and the chopped spring onion. 

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest : Hong Kong + Macau - Jan & Feb 2014, hosted by Annie from Annielicious Food

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