Sunday, 23 March 2014

Papaya as a home remedy (木瓜)

Papaya as a home remedy (木瓜) 

SK seldom buys papayas because as a child, he had a bad experience eating papayas that were not very ripe and as a result there was a certain bitterness in the papayas. For me, I love papayas and I was surprised to see three ripe and juicy papayas waiting for me on my dining table when I came home last Friday. According to SK he bought them because there were so fresh and ripe. Immediately after dinner we cut open the papayas and had a good time sinking our teeth into the sweet and juicy flesh and we really enjoyed eating them. 

YS our youngest boy commented that after eating the papayas it helped him to pass motion with great ease. It is not only true that papayas help to lubricate the digestive system but can help relieve piles as well. I was told by a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine that eating the dark seeds and the upper part of the flesh of the papayas can relieve piles. But  you need to refrain from drinking water for about 4 hours for it to be effective.

 Look for my other post on relieving piles here.

Fresh and juicy papayas

  Just mouth-watering!


Ripe and sweet


  1. I love papayas too! I just had a few slices after dinner!

  2. Hi Doris,
    My family loves papaya too.
    They will be happy like you if they sees 3 big papayas on our dinning
    Have a great week ahead!

  3. Hi Doris,
    We love papayas! And I prefer them over bananas!

  4. Me impresiona la forma de la papaya en Chile son diferentes más pequeñas y amarillas y con pepas no muy oscuras envueltas en una matriz,si deseas ver la diferencia tengo una receta en mi blog Papayas Rellenas gustan tus recetas Doris,abrazos

    1. Hi Rosita, I Have just visited your blog. You made fantastic desserts! They are so mouth-watering! :)


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