Saturday, 28 June 2014

Natoginseng Soup

Natoginseng Soup

Recipe source :  Doris Choo @ Sumptuous Flavours

Chinese medical books often advise that natoginseng  heals injury and disperses bruises caused by minor physical mishaps during sports or physical workouts. It helps to generate new muscles,  increases platelets and accelerates growth in infants and teenagers. 

The elders in my family used to advise that if there are no bruises nor injury that need healing,  then this herb does the work of nourishing and strengthening the body. It is especially good for accelerating growth in teenagers. 

Thus, I find these healing properties very suitable for my sons who are active in sports.The elder son loves to indulge in Thai boxing and is prone to injuries during practice, while the younger boy is an active teenager. I believe this soup will help to disperse the bruises and will help to repair their torn muscles and generate new muscles for them.


5g natogingseng ( tin chat in Cantonese )
5 g  dang shen ( tong sum in Cantonese )
2 black dates
3 red dates
50g lean pork
200ml water

Top left : Natoginseng slices. Top right :  Black dates
Bottom left : Dang shen. Bottom right : Red dates


1.  Place Chinese herbs and lean pork into a small ceramic or porcelain cup or container with a fitting lid.
2.  Pour in water.
3.  Place container into a double boiler and allow to double boil for 2 hours. 


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  2. Hi Doris,
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