Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rosebud Tea

Rosebud Tea

I received a lovely packet of dried rosebuds as a gift from one of my friends. It was very nicely packaged and tied with a pretty red ribbon. I truly appreciate the gesture and it was so thoughtful of her to present such a lovely gift to me. 

It was her way of sharing the benefits of rosebud tea with me!


 Pretty little edible rose buds

The scent of roses filled my nostrils as I unpacked the box. Sweet smelling roses. They look so delicate and are so beautiful. 

I decided to make myself a pot of rosebud tea. First of all,  I must find a glass vessel to infuse these buds so that the beautiful flowers can be seen through the transparent glass.


12 to 15 dried rose buds
500ml hot water


1.  Place dried rose buds into a small pot.
2.  Pour in hot water.
3.  Steep for about 3 minutes. 
4.  Pour out the rosebud tea and serve.

The tea has a light floral scent and a tinge of sweetness to it.  It is very refreshing! 

Rosebud tea is reported to contain high levels of vitamin C.

It is believed to promote blood circulation, reduce body fats, reduce fatigue, helps digestion, promotes a glowing complexion and has a calming effect which may help to induce sleep naturally.

Next, I am going to infuse some of these rosebuds with Chinese green tea and then with Chinese black tea  just to compare the taste. I am sure they gonna taste good!

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