Wednesday 22 August 2012

Bread Fried With Egg Batter & Oyster Sauce

Bread Fried With Egg Batter & Oyster Sauce


 A modified version of the French Toast

I have more than half a loaf of bread left and everyone is tired of eating it with jam and butter. I thought of making french toast but I do not have fresh milk in my fridge nor do I have fresh mushrooms and cheese to make an omelette to go with the bread. I looked with dismay into my almost empty fridge that badly needed stocking up. I thought hard and then I remembered reading somewhere about a Malaysian lady who worked overseas and she used to make "Malaysian Toast" for her young charges. Okay, so I have bread, eggs and oyster sauce in my fridge, and that's what I am going to prepare today.


2 eggs
1 tbsp oyster sauce
4 to 5 slices of bread
2 tbsp cooking oil or butter


1.  Beat the eggs in a deep dish or plate
2.  Add in 1 tbsp of oyster sauce and beat well together to mix thoroughly

Egg batter with oyster sauce

Cooking Instructions

1.  In a wok, add in 2 tbsp of cooking oil.
2.  Heat it up and reduce the flame to low
3.  Dip both sides of the bread into the egg mixture. Let any excess egg mixture drip back onto the plate.
4.  Fry the bread in the wok. Flip it over after half a minute. 
5.  Keep flipping until both sides are done
6.  It should not take more than 2 minutes to fry each slice of bread.
7. Add more oil to fry more bread.
Simple to do, good to eat and filling!

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