Saturday 4 August 2012

Dinner In Foshan, Guangdong, China

Dinner In Foshan, Guangdong, China

We spent a hectic day shopping in Guangzhou. Laden with our shopping bags, we took a cab from Guangzhou back to Dancing Ray Hotel in Foshan. After a good rest, we scouted around the vicinity of the hotel in search for a sumptuous dinner. Unfortunately, the surrounding eating places did not appeal to us. Disappointed, we went back into Dancing Ray Hotel to try out their Chinese restaurant. We were pleasantly surprised indeed!

The restaurant was as crowded for dinner as it was during the dim sum breakfast in the morning. The dinner crowd was certainly more jovial and noisy compared to the breakfast patrons. The Chinese Tsing-tao beer  seemed to be flowing freely on several tables. The food was excellent. A five star excellence!

Let me share the pictures with you....................

Braised  bok choy in superior stock. The helping was rather large for 3 people but it seemed like every table was served the same standard sized portions

Steamed fish head with tofu. Awesome! It looked so appetising that we forgot to snap a picture of it until after we were halfway through.

Fried fish cakes. Simple yet very delicious

Great tasting soup of inoki mushrooms and fish balls

Hot-plate spicy mussels with assorted vegetables

A dish of plain stir-fried  greens....yet the stems were succulent  with natural sweetness

A snapshot of their menu which is printed in Chinese

The restaurant seems to be thriving on the reputation of their Executive "Chef Wah ".

We were puzzled when the captain who came to took our orders gave us a strange look when we requested for the menu. We soon learnt the reasons for her strange looks because soon, we noticed that the other dinner patrons were strolling towards the long rows of stall cum kitchenette  where samples of mouth-watering dishes were displayed at each stall. The fresh ingredients were on display as well. They have chefs at every stall and each stall seemed to be specializing on their own specialty dishes.

The food was excellent and it was a very pleasant encounter to experience the different habits and way of life of another place.

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