Friday 10 August 2012

Taipei, Taiwan 台湾台北

Taipei, Taiwan 台湾台北

The whole family visited Taiwan in December 2010 to attend the convocation and graduation dinner of my eldest son. SK, my youngest son and I departed from LCCT around 10-00 A.M. in the morning. We touched down at Taoyuan International Airport in the afternoon at about 2-40 P.M. Our eldest son was at the airport to meet us. My son was studying in Taichung and the graduation ceremony was to be held a few days later. So we took the opportunity to visit some of the tourist attractions in Taipei before leaving for Taichung. Partly, we were waiting for our daughter who was to fly in from Singapore to join us in Taipei.

Before leaving Kuala Lumpur, we had made prior arrangement to book a room in a hostel in Taipei. The hostel was not located in a posh area. In fact, the surrounding area looked old and run-down. However, the family room we had booked was comfortable with all the basic necessities. After checking into the hostel to unpack our luggage, our first agenda was to buy an MRT pass each  in order for us to move around Taipei with ease.  

So our sight-seeing began........

The main building of the National Palace Museum that houses Taiwan's national treasures

Another building within the grounds of the National Palace Museum

View from the top of the main building of the National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum grounds from another angle

Never seen before signage outside a toilet, of a male and female figure wearing Qing dynasty imperial costumes directing users to the respective sections meant for the ladies and the gentlemen.
The main entrance to the famous Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan

View taken from the ground level of the main entrance to the Taipei 101

View taken from the main entrance all the way up to the Taipei 101 as far as my camera could capture

Another picture of the Taipei 101

Yet another picture of the Taipei 101

The Taipei 101 from a distance

A self-explanatory plaque of the colourful cow shown above.

The streets of Taipei are lined with pots of beautiful blooms

A robot made from pieces of metallic odds and ends. This, too, has got a story to tell.

Enjoying the the famous Ah Chung Mien Sien or mee sua located at Ximending. Note that no tables were provided. Everybody just sat on stools outdoors provided by the shop.


The Shilin Night Market - where the crowd seemed to be converging for food and shopping
This is where the famous chicken chop is sold.

Jiu Fen, another tourist attraction is North East of Taipei

The food we had at the Shilin Night Market. Far left in a metal burner is Taiwan's famous street food, the stinking tofu. Top right -squid soup with an assortment of vegetables. Top far right - rice with gravy and pieces of pork fat. Centre - stir-fried greens

Food we had in a restaurant in Taipei City Mall which is the main underground shopping street in Taipei

Noodle dish with eggs and assortment of meat

A chicken rice set complete with vegetables and soup

Some kind of pork dish that comes in a complete set

This is a soup and vegetables rice set
The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall taken from another angle

The fabulous ice-cream desserts in Ximending. Super yummy!



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