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The Ocean Park, Hong Kong

The Ocean Park, Hong Kong 

( 14th March 2009 )

Armed with a Mass Transit Railway (MTR) map and a map of the bus routes googled from the Internet, we set out to the Ocean park which is the first tourist spot we visited while in Hong Kong. The Ocean Park is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. Between bus rides and the MTR, both of which accepted the Octopus Card,  we managed to get to the Ocean park. Some how we had crossed over from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island without even realising that we had crossed the undersea channel.

As you well know, the Ocean Park is a marine life theme park with life exhibits from the seas and oceans of the world. Of course, being a theme park it has all the rides associated with a theme park as well, like roller coasters for thrill seekers and  some rides even have a mini version for kids. 

Some of the life sea exhibits from the Aquarium.

Two seals swimming in a tank

 A seal lazing around on the beach

Another seal taking to the water

Part of the Ocean Park's attractions is the cable car ride where one can enjoy a great view of the surrounding sea and mountains and a fantastic view of Hong Kong's sky scrapers ...............



 The cable cars of the Ocean Park, a great way to see the entire Ocean Park from the top and the spectacular view of the sea and surrounding areas

An aerial view of a part of the Ocean Park, taken from the cable car



An aerial view of another part of the Ocean Park 


Part of the Ocean Park with the beautiful sea and mystical looking hills in the background


 Another view of the sea and the surrounding rocky islands taken from inside the cable car


Another shot taken of the sea and rocky outcrops protruding from underneath the sea

On the right is a jetty where the well heeled berth their boats


In the background are some of Hong Kong's ubiquitous apartment blocks and in the foreground a marina where the rich berth their yachts

When approaching Hong Kong from the air, I saw the only two things that made up Hong Kong, crystal clear greenish-blue water and rocky islands jutting out from the bottom of the sea

The cable cars of the Ocean park, a great way to see the entire Ocean park from the air and the spectacular view of the sea and surrounding areas

 A near-barren rocky island doubling up as a shelter for boating enthusiasts

The homes on the left look expensive and with the number of boats dotting the surface of the water I can only surmise that this is not just an ordinary residential area but a rather posh enclave.

Besides marine life, the Ocean Park also houses the giant pandas.........

Two adorable giant panda dolls on the rooftop of the panda enclosure

The real thing in its enclosure munching his lunch away without a care in the world, oblivious of the gawking crowd

The panda is found only in China, is an endangered species and a pampered lot

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