Monday 13 August 2012

Stewed Pork Belly & Bitter Gourd With Fermented Black Beans 苦瓜焖三层肉

Stewed Pork Belly & Bitter Gourd With Fermented Black Beans 苦瓜焖三层肉

SK loves porridge. This dish goes well with rice and  even better with porridge. Add this tasty gravy to the piping hot porridge and............. "mmmm"'ll  get a wonderful home-cooked meal



1 kg bitter gourd
600g pork belly
30g fermented black beans ( Tau See in Cantonese )

Sauce Ingredients

3 Chinese soup spoon oyster sauce
4 Chinese soup spoon black soya sauce
2 tsp salt, or to taste
4 tsp sugar
2 litres water



Clean the pork belly and cut into cubes

Cut the bitter gourd length-wise into 2 halves
Remove the seeds and pith
Cut them into sections of 3 cm x 4 cm pieces

Fermented black beans ( Tau see in Cantonese )

Cooking Instructions

1.  Put the pork cubes and bitter gourd pieces into a pot
2.  Add in the fermented black beans
3.  Add in the 2 litres of water
4.  Add in the sauce ingredients
5.  Boil for 1 1/2 hours 
6.  As it boils, skim off the scum that floats to the surface
7.  Switch of the flame after 1 1/2 hours
8.  Dish up

This dish goes very well with porridge


  1. Where does one get fermented black beans? I tried the local Asian grocery and they didn't have them.

    1. Chinese groceries should stock fermented black beans.

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