Sunday 19 August 2012

Prawns & Dried Scallops omelette

  Prawns & Dried Scallops omelette

prawns which have been shelled and with veins removed
and dried scallops which have been soaked in water and shredded



120g shelled prawns
  30g dried scallops
7 grade B eggs
2 tbsp cooking oil

Preparatory Instructions


1. Remove the veins of the shelled prawns and cut them into cubes
2.  Wash dried scallops and soak them in water until they can be easily shredded into tiny strips. Do not discard the water
3.  Beat eggs in a bowl, add in the prawns, dried scallops and the water used for soaking the dried scallops
4.  Make sure the egg mixture is thoroughly mixed.

Cooking Instructions


1.  Heat a wok, add in 2 tbsp of cooking oil
2.  Once the wok is hot, reduce the flame to low
3.  Pour the egg mixture into the wok and let it fry slowly.
4.  It will not cook easily because of the thickness of the egg mixture. Increasing the heat will not help because the underside will get burnt before it is thoroughly cooked.
5.  So just be patient and wait until the whole egg mixture coagulates and when you get a whiff of fragrance coming from the egg mixture, that is a sign that the underside is cooked and that is when you flip it over to cook the other side.
6. Trying to flip the egg mixture while it is still liquid will cause it to break into pieces.
7.  Double check to make sure that it is really done by using a ladle to press on the now solid egg mixture, if liquid oozes out, then it is still not ready. Continue frying.
8. Dish up when both sides are cooked.

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