Sunday 28 October 2012

Bacon & Mango Tortilla

 Bacon & Mango Tortilla


 Kids love it



8 slices bacon, fry until crispy
4 pieces of lettuce, wash and drain
1 large mango, remove the skin and cut the mango flesh into strips
4 pieces tortilla
some potato chips
BBQ sauce
Thai chili sauce 

 Tortilla wrap

 Potato chips

 BBQ sauce
Thai chili sauce


 Place a piece of tortilla wrap on a flat plate

 Squeeze some mayonnaise onto the wrap

Spread out the mayonnaise evenly

Place a piece of lettuce on the wrap

 Add on the bacon crisps

Add the mango strips

Squeeze some BBQ sauce and Thai chili sauce on top of the bacon and mango

 Break some potato chips over the whole ensemble and wrap it up

A nice change from my staple food, the rice

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