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Chicken and Tomato Soup 蕃茄老鸡汤

Chicken and Tomato Soup 蕃茄老鸡汤

Recipe Source :  Own concoction 

This is a common soup frequently cooked in most local Chinese households. You can make this soup in different variations. For example you can omit the conch or you can substitute the conch with dried oysters or dried cuttle fish or add in some big dried scallops. Some cook this soup without the tomatoes while most people do not add black fungus. It's a matter of individual preference. We added black fungus because black fungus is believed to be good for arthritic knees, clears blocked vessels and improves blood circulation. Anyway, aside from its medicinal values, the whole family loves the crunchy texture of the black fungus. 

I used to boil this soup with dried oysters until my youngest child declared that he likes conch better. So, conch it is for most of our soups boiled over slow fire. 

And of course with his favourite ingredient in this soup, YS definitely gave his thumbs up!



1/2 old chicken ( remove the skin and fat )
2 heads of corn ( remove the husks and the corn silk )
2 big and ripe tomatoes ( leave it whole )
1 carrot ( cut into thick chunky pieces )
30g black fungus ( soak until soft and cut into bite-sized pieces )
2 pieces conch ( soak for 2 hours and cut into bite-sized pieces )
2.5 litres water



1.  Cut the corn into sections of 4 cm thick
2.  Bring 2.5 litres of water to the boil
3.  Add in the old chicken and boil for an hour over slow fire
4.  After one hour, add in the conch, corn sections, carrots, tomatoes and black fungus
5.  Continue to boil for another one and a half hours.
6.  Add 3/4 tbsp salt
7.  Switch off the fire
8.  Ready to serve

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  1. Hi Doris,

    Every Chinese family seems to have their favourite way of cooking their soup base. My sister in law likes using dried oyster for her soup cooking and I'm learning from her. Using conch in soup cooking is totally new to me :D



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