Wednesday 20 March 2013

Panyu : Yu Yin Garden 番禺: 余荫山房

Panyu : Yu Yin Garden 番禺: 余荫山房

( 15th February 2013 )

This morning we were given a very brief tour of Guangzhou's Yue Xiu Park, just a very small part of the garden where the five-goat statue is situated. 

From there, the coach took us to Panyu. The first stop was at Yu Yin Garden to see the restored mansion of a high official who lived during the Manchu dynasty. 

Sign pointing to Yu Yin garden
Two supposedly gold ingots at the entrance
Two supposedly golden pigs at the entrance

The massive door from the roof top to the floor. The door is divided into two sections.
The top section was opened only during festivals or to receive VIPs. 
The bottom section is opened for daily use and one has to stoop in order to enter from the bottom section. This way one is forced to bow to the ancestral alter which was placed strategically in the hall at the opposite end of this massive door
The emperor's decree


Half of the plaque

The other half of the plaque

This is referring to the wooden plaque above. A normal plaque has the writings carved into the wood but this plaque has the writing embossed on the wood which means more work for the master carver.

The courtyard of the mansion

This is about the frosted glass windows mentioned below


The said mirror

Imported frosted glass windows from Europe

More imported frosted glass windows


This screen is made from the shell of clams

The entrance to the high official's mansion

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