Saturday 23 March 2013

Panyu :The Honeybee Farm 番禺:蜜蜂养殖示范场

Panyu : The Honeybee Farm 番禺:蜜蜂养殖示范场

( 15th February 2013 )

At the farm we were taught how to test if the honey is the real McCoy. First, place a tablespoonful of honey on a plate. Then add enough water to cover the honey and start moving in a circular motion, if the honey dissolves easily then it is not the real stuff. Pure honey does not dissolve readily, in fact, after some twirling you can see patterns like honeycomb formed by the partially dissolved honey.

Another thing, pure honey does not attract ants because they are put off by the scent of flowers present in the honey. One more thing about honey, it will lose its potency if mishandled. This is what you must do when consuming honey. Always use a porcelain spoon and porcelain cup/bowl when drinking honey. You must always use water at room temperature and not hot water. Never use metal spoons and containers and remember never to keep honey in the refrigerator.

The sign outside the honeybee farm

A frame with honeycomb

 A wooden hive with honeybees moving in and out of the entrance

A honeycomb

 A wooden pot for extracting honey by placing the wooden frame with honeycomb in it and spinning it. 

A bottle of royal jelly purchased at the farm

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