Friday 8 March 2013

Shenzhen : East Overseas Chinese Town - Tea Stream Valley 深圳-东部华侨城-茶溪谷

Shenzhen : East Overseas Chinese Town - Tea Stream Valley 深圳-东部华侨城-茶溪谷

( 14th February 2013 )

Our "drill sergeant" instructed the hotel staff to set the wake-up call at 6-00 A.M. sharp again. No dim sum breakfast for us this morning. We were given breakfast coupons served at the cafeteria at the hotel. We had the usual breakfast buffet of Chinese porridge, fried kuay-teow and a selection of other Chinese dishes plus a selection of western pastries, bread rolls, bacon and eggs. 

After breakfast, Yip, the tour guide informed us that we will be visiting Shenzhen's national ecological district at Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town ( Shenzhen OCT East ). It consists of two theme parks, golf courses, hotels, replicas of European scenic towns, temples and rich men's mansions. However, we will be visiting only two places this morning, not the entire centre. Yip told us that the entire total land area of Shenzhen OCT East is equivalent to 5 times the size of Tian An men Square in Beijing.

The entrance to the theme park - Tea Stream Valley

Remember, we are visiting the ecological district. So beautiful blooms are everywhere stretching over the horizon.  It is best captured in camera lenses as shown below. Now you know the meaning of a picture is worth a thousand words.


See how creative they are! The trees are painted to resemble animals!

A raccoon

A camel smoking a cigarette


A growling gorilla

A dog

A side view of the same dog

Another camel

A pig

Google Earth?

There pumpkins weigh over 150kg each and they are grown from seeds that were exposed to cosmic rays aboard China's Shenzhou spaceships

Butterflies arranged in beautiful patterns

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