Monday 25 March 2013

Zhuhai : Dinner & Shopping 在珠海的晚餐/珠海拱北地下街

Zhuhai : Dinner & Shopping  在珠海的晚餐/珠海拱北地下街

( 15th February 2013 )

The statue of the fisher girl (渔女像) by the Xianglu Bay in Zhuhai. There is a saying that if you visited Zhuhai without paying a visit to this statue then, strictly speaking, you have not been to Zhuhai at all.

The famous 'Buddha jumped over the wall' soup. Legend has it that when this soup was first being prepared, the fragrance caught the attention of a monk who clambered over the wall of the household that was preparing this soup to find out what's cooking, hence the name.

Coffee pork ribs

Abalone at HKD50 each. This dish was not part of the meal but the waitress brought it to entice us into buying but none of us did.

Roast chicken

Stir-fried zucchini with crab stick

Stir-fried pork slices
 Steamed fish

Stir-fried pumpkin

Stir-fried eggplant

The restaurant where we had our dinner.The dinner in Zhuhai is the best among all the meals we have had during the trip.

The underground shopping mall

The underground shopping mall

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