Thursday, 14 March 2013

Guangzhou - Pearl River Cruise 广州珠江夜游

Guangzhou - Pearl River Cruise 广州珠江夜游

( 14th February 2013 )

By the time we reached Guangzhou, it was already late evening. All the 24 of us opted for the Pearl River Cruise. Since it was the Chinese New Year season, the local Chinese citizens were out in full force to enjoy the festivities. Tickets for the cruise were sold out except for the early cruise scheduled at 6-50 P.M. Yip, the tour guide, assured us that it will be dark by 6-30 P.M., thus we were able to enjoy the scenic views of the night.  However, if we opted to join the cruise, then dinner will have to be delayed till 9-00 P.M.

 There was still day light while we waited to board the cruise boat. 
Seats were at the 2nd level where refreshments were served
Once the cruise starts, everyone will move to the upper most deck at the top to enjoy the night scenes

 The cruise boats are decorated differently. 
Once it is dark, you can see all the neon lights and how the boat is decorated

Inside the upper deck.  Seating arrangement is similar to seating in a restaurant with round tables. 
Light refreshments were served


A high-powered dragon boat which moved very fast

The changing colours of Guangzhou's TV Tower. The highlight of the cruise was to watch the spectacular view of this tower and its changing colours. It was awesome. A sight to behold. The colour changes every few seconds.

The night scenes and views were spectacular. 

The Pearl River Cruise is highly recommended. Not to be missed !

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