Monday 4 March 2013

Double-Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup 顿老鸡汤

Double-Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup 顿老鸡汤


Recipe source : Own family recipe

This is a very delicious and nutritious double-boiled herbal chicken soup. It is loved and enjoyed by everyone in the family. We consume it at least once a week. The ingredients used are too little and too light to be ascertain because we don't have the proper weighing scale to measure them but nevertheless you can see how much is used below.


Loh hon ko (what you see is only the shell of the fruit which is spherical) 罗汉果
red dates 红枣
wolf berries 纪子
black beans 黑豆 
toh choong 杜仲
tin chat 田七
ginseng 人参
wai san 淮山
dried scallops 干贝
150g old chicken for one porcelain container  

 The ingredients

 This porcelain container is sufficient for one person

Place sufficient water in a steamer and place the porcelain container in the water. Then cover the steamer with the lid and double-boil for about 4 hours over low fire. Please check the water level in the steamer every hour and top up if it is insufficient.

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