Monday 4 March 2013

Hong Kong - The Golden Bauhinia Square & Repulse Bay 香港的金紫荊廣場 - 香港的浅水湾

Hong Kong - The Golden Bauhinia Square & Repulse Bay 香港的金紫荊廣場 - 香港的浅水湾

( 13th February 2013 )

At The Golden Bauhinia Square

 An emblem of the bauhinia flower at the centre of Bauhinia Square

 A close-up view of the bauhinia

A group photo at the Bauhinia Square for remembrance - all the 24 of us, young and old

Repulse Bay  ( Tsin Tsui Wan )

Situated at the south-eastern  tip of Hong Kong island, Repulse Bay is where many of the rich and famous built their homes in Hong Kong. The feng shui is supposedly very good in this area.

 This is the residence of Hong Kong's movie mogul. It is facing the sea and has its back to the hills. This was taken in a moving coach.

 The movie mogul has two residences, one with green roof tiles, the other red roof tiles. He lives in the green one while his wife lives in the red one. And they are next to each other.

 A better view of the wife's residence.
 The white building on the left up in the hills is the residence of the richest man in Hong Kong, Mr LKS.

A plaque explaining how Repulse Bay got its name

Views of the sandy beach at Repulse Bay

 The temple in Repulse Bay
The bridge of longevity. It is believed a walk across the bridge prolongs your life span and one is to walk forward only. You are not to retract your steps backwards !

A closer snapshot of the bridge of longevity

 The Goddess Thean Hou

 A plaque for The Goddess Thean Hou
 The Statue of The Goddess of Mercy

The Sea Dragon King


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