Sunday 24 March 2013

Zhongshan - Zhan's Garden 中山-詹园

Zhongshan - Zhan's Garden 中山-詹园

( 15th February 2013 )

Our tour guide,Yip, told us that Zhan's Garden was built by a very well off and filial businessman for his mother to spend the remaining years of her life in style. But eventually she decided against living there after sometime and donated it to the government and she moved elsewhere and the authorities turned it into a tourist attraction. After touring the place I, too, felt that given me I would do the same, that is moving out. Well, to begin with the construction materials used were all grey or dark grey giving it an antiquated feel. The whole place did not generate vibrant or happy energy and on top of that it was rather creepy. Everything was old and outdated, the rooms, the environment, and the air. It was like being transported back in time. It was a good thing that the old lady gave it up.

The entrance to Zhan's Garden


Map of the layout of Zhan's Garden

Wooden panelled door with the Chinese character for luck ( 福) deliberately placed upside down. The reason is to announce to the world that luck has arrived. In Cantonese being placed upside down is pronounced as 'dou' which also sounds like has arrived.
The water in the metal container is supposed to shoot up into the air if you were to rub the handles on both sides. Many tried with no results.

The wishing tree. All you need to do is to write your wish on a strip of red paper and fling it up the branch. Just wondering what the success rate is.

Is this a framed picture or a view from the inside of a room? Actually it is a window but at times it looks like a framed painting. But the people in modern clothes ruined all that.

There is a word missing from the sign. I have forgotten what it was but the guide explained to us and it was interesting.

A koi pond

Some bonsai plants, all 108 of it, if I remember correctly.

The most picturesque part of Zhan's Garden

The same place from a slightly different angle

The twelve animal signs of the Chinese zodiac with a different twist. All the animals are standing on two feet and have human bodies.

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