Monday, 11 March 2013

Shenzhen : East Overseas Chinese Town - Knight Valley

Shenzhen : East Overseas Chinese Town - Knight Valley 深圳-东部华侨城-大侠谷

( 14th February 2013 )

The boulder next to the entrance to the OCT- Knight Valley

 Man-made waterfall

 Beautiful blooms of mei-hua (梅花)

Knight Valley Waterfall

As we walked along the way from the Tea Stream Valley to the Knight Valley we came across things and places of interest :

 You are now looking at RMB Eighty Million dollar homes (yes, eighty million and not eight million) owned by the super rich in China. The feng shui is supposedly excellent as they are oriented towards facing the sea in the distance and with their backs propped up against the mountain, which incidentally is the ideal location for homes that bring excellent luck and good fortune to the occupants.

The multi-million dollar homes from another angle

The four-faced Buddha at the top of the hill.

At the entrance to a scenic town  built to depict German architecture and culture, we saw these "statues". They are real people dressed to camouflaged themselves to look like bronze statues. They can remain very still , so much so that many people were caught by surprise when they leaned against these "statues" and got themselves a  real fright when the "statues" moved ! 

Petty traders lined the pavement of the scenic town. Despite knowing the next destination in our itinerary was lunch, we could not resist trying out some of these local hawker fares sold by Uighurs from Xinjiang and boy were we disappointed.

  Grilled chicken drumsticks @ ten renminbi each they look good but lacking in many ways

Grilled mutton very much like our local satay but the taste leaves much to be desired



  1. Hello..
    Can I go to OCT by Bus?
    Can you explain for me?

  2. Hi,

    Actually we followed a guided tour when we visited Shenzhen East OCT. If you are travelling alone you can always enquire with the hotel where you are staying on how to get to OCT. OCT is a major tourist attraction and transportation there is not a problem. May you enjoy your trip there.

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