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How To Make Red Bean Paste 红豆沙的做法

How To Make Red Bean Paste 红豆沙的做法

Red bean paste

Red bean paste (tau sar in Cantonese) is a sweet filling commonly found in buns, dumplings, moon cakes and a host of other local delicacies. When you make your own bean paste you can adjust the sugar and oil levels to your own individual preference.



200g red bean
1/2 tbsp lye water (kan sui in Cantonese)
120g cooking oil
150g sugar
1/2 tbsp maltose ( optional )

Note: Lye water helps to hasten the softening of the red beans



1.  Wash the red beans. Place them into a pot and add water to about 5 cm above the red beans.
2.  Bring to the boil. Add lye water and continue boiling until the water has dried up considerably and the red beans turned soft and slightly mushy. If the water dries up before the red beans turn soft just add water accordingly.
3.  Place the contents into a blender and blend into a fine watery paste. Make sure there is enough water to blend thoroughly otherwise add water accordingly.
4.  Pour the finely blended red bean paste into a wok. Add sugar and over medium fire keep stirring until almost dry. Then add in the cooking oil and over low fire continue to stir and allow the oil to blend well into the paste.
5.  Keep stirring and cooking until the paste is almost dry and look like bean paste. 
6.  Let it cool completely before using. 
7.  It can be kept in a covered container and placed in the refrigerator for about a week. 

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