Monday, 24 September 2012

How To Make Chicken Stock 鸡汤

How To Make Chicken Stock 鸡汤


Left : spring onion. Middle : ginger. Right : Chinese celery



 Chicken carcasses : remove the skin and all the fat



3 chicken carcasses
15g spring onions
20g ginger
30g kan choy or Chinese celery
3.5 litres water


1.  Wash and clean the chicken carcasses. Remove the skin and all the fat
2.  Wash the Chinese celery and spring onions and cut into sections of about 5 cm
3.  Remove the skin of the ginger and use the flat side of a cleaver to smash the ginger
4.  In a large pot, add in the water and all the ingredients and bring to a boil
5.  Once the stock boils, reduce the flame to medium and continue to boil for about one and half hours
6.  Cool and strain the stock into smaller containers of your choice and store in the freezer for future use

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