Friday, 28 September 2012

Mint Leaves To Curb Whooping Cough 风咳药

Mint Leaves To Curb Whooping Cough 风咳药

 These leaves have a very strong and overpowering mint smell


These mint leaves can be concocted into a brew to curb 'wind cough'. When the coughing is due to excessive consumption of cold drinks or when the coughing gets worse in cooler environment, e.g. when the person is in an air-conditioned room or when the person is exposed to direct draft from a circulating fan, then this brew may be able to help curb the cough. You have to drink the concoction a few times for a full recovery and in the meantime avoid consuming cold drinks



Left : Honey date (蜜枣)or mud cho in Cantonese
 Right : crystallised lemon (桔饼)or kat paeng in Cantonese


A sprig of mint leaves ( about 20 leaves )
2 honey dates
1 crystallised lemon
5 Chinese rice bowls of water


1.  Clean and wash the mint leaves
2.  Put everything into a large pot and add 5 bowl of water
3.  Bring to a boil, then reduce the flame to low
4.  Boil over a slow fire until about 1 Chinese rice bowl of brew is left
5.  Drink while it is warm

Note : You have to brew this concoction and drink it a few times to gauge its effectiveness. It is not as if this is a miracle herb whereby  you drink it once and expect your cough to be totally cured!. In the meantime, avoid cold drinks for at least a week or two and to keep yourself warm.  


  1. Thanks for sharing your cough remedy. I find your concoction easy to drink and it helps soothe my throat. After drinking it for a couple of days, my cough went off. A perfect solution!

    1. Hi Unknown,

      I am glad the remedy helped you.


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