Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How To Make Shallot Oil

How To Make Shallot Oil


Freshly made shallot oil


4 medium-sized shallots
10 tbsp cooking oil


1.  Remove the roots and skin of the shallots
2.  Cut them into very thin slices
3.  Use medium flame to heat a wok, add in the cooking oil and heat oil until hot
4.  Reduce the flame and add in the sliced shallots
5.  Fry until the shallots turn light brownish in colour
6.  Make sure the shallots are not burnt, otherwise the shallots will taste bitter
7.  Let it cool down
8.  Use as per instructions in my recipes
9.  Any excess shallot oil can be kept in a covered container
10. Keep the covered container in the refrigerator for future use

Keep the excess shallot oil in a covered container in the refrigerator


  1. total cooking time? I usually assume about 10 minutes. The period between a perfectly fried shallot and a burnt ember is very narrow, so watch closely and remember that the shallots will continue to cook briefly once removed from the oil.

    1. This is what I usually do. 1) Add 20 tbsp of cooking into a wok, let it heat over low flame until it starts giving out a little smoke. 2) Add in 60g of minced shallot or garlic and let it fry for 4 minutes. Keep stirring so that the frying is evenly done. 3) Dish up into a porcelain bowl and let it cool. 4)Once cooled, transfer it into another container with a lid. 5) Keep it refrigerated.

      You are right about the part where it will continue cooking after being removed from the heat.


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