Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snake Grass 独行千里/蛇草

Snake Grass 独行千里/蛇草


A mature snake grass plant

Newly germinated snake grass plants
  A close-up view of snake grass plants

The Chinese refer to this herbal plant as the du xing qian li/ she cao  独行千里/蛇草. Just yesterday, SK was having a sore throat, thanks to the durians and rambutans and there was plenty of phlegm in his throat and he had problem getting it out. So he took two leaves from the plant, crush them and put them in a cup, then add hot water to it and let it steep for ten minutes. Later, when it had cooled down sufficiently he drank it and, by this morning his sore throat was almost gone and thick yellowish phlegm came out easily.

Note: The leaves are extremely bitter

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