Friday, 14 December 2012

X-Files : The Noisy Neighbour

X-Files : The Noisy Neighbour


Sharon rented an apartment near to her office. She has shifted her belongings into the apartment and had spent the whole day and night cleaning and arranging her things. She looked forward to a peaceful and quiet evening to relax in her newly rented apartment after a hard day's work. 

She was relaxing in the living room when she heard very loud noises and music coming from the apartment above her. The neighbours upstairs appeared to be dragging furniture around their apartment in addition to blasting loud music. It sounded like many people were there talking all at once. Sharon was annoyed that her peaceful relaxation was disturbed. So she went up to the apartment with the intention of talking to her new neighbours and to request them to tone down their noise and be more considerate. When she reached the door, she was surprised that the apartment was closed and in total darkness. The apartment appeared neglected and looked like nobody was staying there.   

Sharon went back to her own apartment. The more she thought about it the more afraid she became. So she packed a bag and went to stay for a couple of days at her friend's house. She started looking around for a new apartment to rent because she was afraid to go back there after the first night's incident.

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