Sunday, 16 December 2012

X-Files : The Deadly Request

X-Files : The Deadly Request

My son's tuition teacher related this incident which happened to one of her relatives. Let's call her relative Wendy. 

Wendy and her husband went for a holiday and they stayed in a hotel. Their sleep was disturbed by a knocking at their room door. They opened the door but did not see anybody. So they went back to sleep. Soon Wendy felt someone shaking her, trying to wake her. Wendy pretended to be asleep and kept her eyes tightly closed. And do you know what ? That insistent 'person' tried to pry open Wendy's eyes by stretching her eye lids open to get her attention! And she told Wendy, "I want you to help me to take revenge"!

Wendy was very scared. She pretended to be asleep but that 'person' knew she was awake and could see and hear her and that was when, left with no choice, Wendy started chanting Buddhist mantras silently and she kept at it until the 'person' went away. The very next morning she asked her husband whether he heard or felt anything the night before. Surprisingly, he slept like a log through the night. Dissatisfied and feeling something uncanny, Wendy removed the comforter and pull away the bed cover and saw a large patch of what she assumed to be, dried blood on the mattress on the spot where she was sleeping.

I salute Wendy  for her bravery throughout the whole horrifying incident.

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