Tuesday 11 December 2012

Chocolate Milk Pudding 巧克力奶布丁

Chocolate Milk Pudding 巧克力奶布丁


Soft and silky smooth sweet temptation



1 cup sugar
2 cups creamer
1.5 litres  water
7g agar-agar strips
1 litre UHT Chocolate flavoured milk
22 small plastic containers with fitting lids 

Left : The UHT chocolate flavoured milk. Right: The creamer

Agar-agar strips

The chocolate puddings in the plastic containers


1.  Place the agar-agar strips, sugar and water into a medium-sized pot
2.  Bring to the boil and reduce the fire to low flame
3.  Add in the litre of chocolate milk and heat it until the liquid begins to bubble. 
4.  Add the creamer, little by little and stir constantly to mix it evenly 
5.  While still very hot, fill up the plastic containers and cover with the tight lids
6.  Place all the filled-up plastic containers into the refrigerator while they are still very hot
7.  Le them chill and set in the fridge before eating

Great dessert

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